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A warm and welcoming smile supported by committed professionalism has been the hallmark of South Africa’s Optical Centre and its highly trained optometrists for the past 40 years.

We have been caring for South Africans of all ages for nearly half a century and we have consistently achieved the highest standards in eye care by using the latest technology – and by building an A League team of highly qualified optometrists, optical dispensers, optical mechanics, social workers, and remedial therapists, with friendly, on-the-ball receptionists as our frontline staff! Read More

Recent Articles

Study: Fish Oil Keeps Brain Young

Older women with higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids in their blood had slightly less brain shrinkage than women with low fatty acid levels in a new study.

Study finds thermal massager effective treatment for dry eye

In a study that evaluated the safety and efficacy of a thermal massager in comparison to artificial tears for the treatment of dry eye syndrome, Lee and colleagues concluded that thermal massage was effective and safe in improving dry eye.

Recipe for Potato Latkes With Sour Cream and Red Salmon Caviar

A delicious recipe for Potato Latkes With Sour Cream and Red Salmon Caviar. Ideal for Hannakah

Grain Free Granola

Recipe for an energy booster breakfast

Surprising ways that Diet Sodas can Harm your health

Millions of Americans rely on artificial sweeteners to minimize their sugar intake. And really, who can blame them? Sugar has absolutely no nutritional value and can be downright dangerous.

We urge parents to be aware of changes to children's sight

Our new report, published today, reveals almost one in 10 parents (9%) can’t remember the last time their child went for a sight test or believe it has been over 10 years since their last test.

Really? On a Cloudy Day, Your Eyes Can Be Sunburned

Anahad O’Connor tackles health myths.

From the desk of Hannah Kaye

Following fast in the footsteps of my Paleo blog last month, research in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease has found that seniors who follow a high-carbohydrate diet are nearly four times as likely to develop mild cognitive impairment

Paleo intervention recipies

With thanks to Hannahnutrition, we bring you some Paleo intervention recipies for Baked apples, Granola Bars and Paleo Pasta

Iron: A double edged sword

Excessive iron intake is now linked to increased risk of a number of degenerative diseases associated with the aging process including eye disease. The Biosyntrx science team recommends limiting red meat intake to once or twice a week, preferably with meals that include a variety of fresh vegetables to help prevent iron overload.